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The staff of Valley Educational Services (VES) has over 100 years of combined experience in providing Alternative Sentencing and Educational Programs. These programs have been utilized by probation departments, the judiciary, public defenders, district attorneys, schools and families.

Our programs help participants better understand themselves, while assisting them in developing skills and tools designed to enhance personal success and self-improvement. This is achieved through challenging students to take a critical look at their behaviors and decision-making skills. Additionally, we strive to increase both self-confidence and image since confidence and a positive understanding of one's self is the best defense for both adults and juveniles regarding social pressures and the ability to function productively and responsibly.

We employ educators with specialized training and experience in the areas of domestic violence, anger management, substance abuse and personal growth, with all of our programs geared toward positive support and health of adults, youth and families. Ongoing education is a mandatory requirement for our professional staff.

VES has also developed Home Study Programs in Domestic Violence and Anger Management. These programs are utilized by agencies for individuals whom the referring agency feels are not amenable to our Domestic Violence or Anger Management classes. Referrals to these "tailored" programs are individuals who typically, for physical, linguistic or employment-related limitations, find themselves incapable of attending or benefiting from the existing group programs. We also develop customized programs to meet the unique needs of the judiciary, probation departments, school districts, local, state, and federal agencies, as well as the private sector.

We take pride in the services we offer. Fees include complete course instruction and workshop materials. Every effort has been made to keep our fees affordable. We evaluate all clients and provide appropriate referral sources and any relevant information in a timely manner.

Our final goal is to provide exceptional services to all participants, referring agencies, and the community. We are committed to helping individuals act on what they learn and to have each class be a journey into self-discovery, bringing lives back into balance.